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About Us

In 2006 Laquana and I (DeAngelo) decided to give our beloved George E. Bear a companion. George was my wife’s first dog and we raised him since he was 8 weeks old.  He moved with us after we got engaged to be married and moved into our new home. The reason we sought out a new companion was because of George’s behavior.  He would dig holes and escape out of the yard only to go directly to our front porch. My wife and I decided to seek professional help on this matter.  We were told that George was suffering from anxiety, and that we should get him a playmate. We began our search for George’s new playmate and came upon an advertisement in the paper of a lady in Alpharetta, Georgia that was giving away her two year old dog due to her busy work schedule. 


When my wife and I first saw Sammy we immediately knew she was ours for life. She was exactly what George needed. When we brought her to George, she immediately accepted him as her friend and playmate. Sammy loved to rip and run across the yard and they would chase each other for hours on end. A few months after having the both of them become our children, we learned that we would become grandparents. This was a great joy for my wife and I since we don’t have children of our own. These two bundles of joy were our children and we loved them dearly.


One night after a long day’s work, I came home to find that our beloved George E. Bear had been killed by our neighbor’s two pit bulls. Heartbroken cannot sum up the hurt that we felt as my wife cried her eyes out watching the entire incident. It was upsetting to see my wife like this and also our beloved George. We filed a police report against our neighbor due to his negligence. According to the police report, our neighbor came home and left his garage door open where the two pit bulls were being housed.  To make a long story short, when the police came out to apprehend his dogs the animal rescue patrol seen evidence of dog fighting and confiscated 26 dogs from his property.


About a month later, after our tragic loss, my wife and I became proud grandparents of ten puppies.  Can you guess who we named the first born male after? You guessed it George E. Bear Jr. He is the spitting image of his father and he would be proud of how all his puppies turned out.


After realizing how extraordinary our pet companions are and how much joy our pups would bring to other families, my wife and I decided to speak with my mother, Olivia of Ohio, (another dog lover) and begin Cardwell Kennels. My mother Olivia has been a dog lover all of her life, and found them to be a “women’s best friend”. Jazz, the son of Sammy her legacy, has been a true blessing to her. My mother loves to travel with Jazz as he keeps her company on long trips. As Jazz started getting older he needed a companion to play with in the park. Zsa Zsa was a perfect mate. They are like "two peas in a pod". Watching them interact with each other as they play, is a treat to my mother. The behavior of the two compliment each other, and they're definitely extraordinary companions. We now provide AKC Registered Standard Poodles and Goldendoodles to loving families throughout the world. 


Thanks for your interest in how DeAngelo, Laquana and Olivia became involved in breeding. It’s our passion and love for our dogs that keep us “Four Paws Above the Rest”.


Welcome to our website and feel free to view our photos and happy companion owners from our previous litters.

Meet our Dogs

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